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The Agrár-Coop Ltd. started operating in Teskánd, Zala county in 1990. The company was founded by private individuals who trusting their talent and diligence started to build an enterprise providing complex service at a high level. At first the Ltd. served farms with different equipments and put them into operation and then mended them. To satisfy the needs they started do deal with agricultural produce and live stock. Realising the narrowness of the Hungarian market hunted up foreign partners and started their foreign trade.


As contract partner of the Thermo King net Agrár – Coop Ltd. started the marketing of cooling condensing unites for public vehicles in 1992. The building up of the new Thermo King service enabled the company to enlarge and develop its activity, to provide complex technical service from planning and installation of equipment to their later repairing and servicing.

In 1993 the company obtained the power of agency from ESSO. So the distribution of lubricants started.

In 1994 the activities of the Ltd. were expanded with the wide area of cooling technology. It includes the building in of refrigerators with vaporization, making baths with freezing water, installation of air and water-cooled condensing units, individual forming of multi-compressor units and the implementation of machines and equipment necessary for medium- and heavy-duty industrial and process cooling and air conditioning technology.

Besides the installation and service of milking machines also form part of the activity of the Ltd. The company is available with complex technical service for its partners.

In 1997 the company established its own truck park. The trucks meeting the strict requirements of the European Union and the regulations of the Animals Protection Act enabled the Ltd. to start the road-transport of alive animals. Beside delivering our own goods we also deal with carriage for hire.  

The growth was continuing even in the following years due to the high quality products, the professional and high level service and the quick and flexible reactions to the changes of the market. The trade of agricultural products was completed by marketing of various nutriments, fodder and seed-corns and the veterinary service which are provided by professional veterinaries.

In 2001 the distribution of lubricants was expanded with the obtained the exclusive rights for selling OEST products. This allowed the Ltd. to market German products of excellent quality but still at a reasonable price in Hungary.

The year 2003 was the year of investments of great importance in the company’s life. In this year was built its own cattle farm which has a capacity of 4000 calves in Nagykapornak, which is suitable for production of white meat calves. This system is supported by technology from the Netherlands and by automation controlled by a central computer.

Today the company is a medium-sized enterprise which employs 90 people. Its most important strategic aim is to give advantage to its partners and to satisfy the clients.

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