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Alive animals trade

Our company deals in purchasing and marketing of cattle and pigs, fattening and trading „white meat” calves in domestic and foreigh markets as well. Due to our truck park suitable for transporting alive animals we can also execute road transport.

Alive animals trade is the determinig activity of our company which includes export and import of cattle and pigs, and also fattening and trading „white meat” calves. Due to our wide range of connections our alive animals trade activity covers the whole territory of Hungary. Our foreign trade turnover is also considerable, thanks to our flexible market policy our company is developing from year to year
Expanding of our export activity is also supported by a calf station at our farm in Nagykapornak which has a capacity of 4000 heads of calves producing „white meat” calves with the help of a special Holland technology.
Our truck park which consists of 8 trucks secures the quick and flexible service of our partners of high standard. Road vehicles entirely match the strict regulations of European Union. All these facilities enable us to execute complex alive animals trade.

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