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Lubricants trade

We trade lubricants OEST, ESSO and MOBIL. We offer a wide range of automotive and industrial lubricant for our customers. Our service includes delivery and professional transport of the oily dangerous waste originated from our lubricants – free of charge. Our aim is to grant value to our partners.

Lubricant trading is a determinative and dynamically developing activity at our company. Presently we realize nearly 1000 tons of lubricants yearly.
Our patronage is multiple, we sell to almost all fields of industry, agriculture and traffic, our lubricant assortment is rich:

Automotive lubricants

We make an effort to meet our clients requirements by our high quality products. 
We can solve any problem.


Industrial lubricants

We are on to provide our customers advantage in all territory of industry. Their satisfaction is the most important goal for us.

Customer value
Our aim is to grant our partners advantage in the field of lubrication technology as success of enterprises cooperating with us means success for us also.

High quality, favoriable price level, quality assurance certificate
Lubricants realized by us in every case originate from reliable producers possessing quality assurance certificate, are at a favourable price level and represent high quality standard. Security data formats, product guides are available to the lubricants and a significant part of them is named in the references and approvals of the biggest machine producers. 

Lubricant trade is executed by our well trained engineers, who in case of need provide free consulting, as well as help to choose the most adequate lubricant for the concrete machinery. We consider very important to form good relationship with our partners as it promotes the long term and fruitful cooperation.

Own storage, stock of 150 tons
We possess our own storage, our stable stock approaches 150 tons. Delivery is free, partly scheduled delivery system, party out of turn deliveries on demand.

Professional transport of the oily dangerous wastes
We take care of the takeover and professional transport of the oily dangerous wastes originated from our lubricants. That is how we try to support our partners in protecting the environment.

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