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Cooling technology

Our company deals with a wide area of cooling technology including building in evaporative refrigerators, making baths ice batteries, installation of air and water-cooled condensing units and individual forming of multi-compressor units. Moreover we also deal with the construction of machines and equipment which are necessary for climate techniques, for medium- and heavy-duty industrial and process cooling. Besides we are available for our clients with the installation and service of milking machines. We offer complex technical service including design, installation of equipment, their mending and maintenance.

Cooling technics

Machines and equipments necessary for climate technology, for medium- and heavy-duty industrial and process cooling. Air and water cooled condensing units with capacity on demand. Multi-compressor units with complete controls.

Technological mounting

Constructing of cooling technology controlled by PLC on individual demands. Due to the programs developed by ourselves we have almost unlimited possibilities to satisfy our clients’ needs and demands.

Milking houses

We offer you modern solutions of milking technics trading, installing and servicing Danish SAC milking plants.

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